How to get rid of moisture: here are 3 tips

The maximum humidity present in a home should not exceed 60% in winter and 65% in summer. Too high a percentage could in fact favor the formation of mold and condensation. In this article the editorial staff of Proiezionidiborsa will explain how to eliminate humidity in the house.

Get a hygrometer

Before acting in any way, you must be sure that the humidity in the house exceeds the percentages mentioned above. It is therefore necessary to use the hygrometer , an instrument that measures the percentage of humidity in the air. It is good to use it daily and then resort to one or more remedies indicated here.

Ventilate the house 

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The first remedy proposed is precisely to ventilate the house, especially in the morning. Keep the windows open until the percentage of humidity in the air indicated by the hygrometer decreases. Once this is done, close the windows. Repeat the operation each time the percentage increase occurs.

Dehumidify with table salt 

The rooms large kitchen (sodium chloride) is useful to create a dehumidifier do-it-yourself. It can in fact absorb the humidity present in the air. However, it must be replaced when it becomes wet. However, it is not enough to simply pour the salt in the corner of some room. In fact, it is necessary to build a real homemade dehumidifier. The editorial team will show you how to do this with an empty plastic bottle .

How to remove moisture: the procedure

  • Divide the bottle into two parts after drying.
  • Calculate the size of the room where the do-it-yourself dehumidifier is to be placed. It necessity be taken into account that for a medium-sized room 150g of coarse salt is enough.
  • Put the salt inside one of the two parts of the bottle.
  • Use the other part of the container to cover the underside of the DIY dehumidifier.
  • Put it in the refrigerator for ten hours.
  • Place it in a room.

Use quicklime

Just like coarse kitchen salt, quicklime also has an excellent ability to absorb moisture.